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Our popular and proven precision cut CNC SCAMP kit.  Kit includes all plywood components (planks, bottom, bulkheads, seats, cabin, decks, etc.). Many pieces feature notches or scribe lines and numbering to aid construction process. The kit also includes a pre-cut building jig. Kits use precision jigsaw puzzle joints instead of labor-intensive scarfs, and the planks' variable bevels are pre-beveled so that they match-up perfectly right out of the box.


This kit package also includes the Foils Kit, pre-shaped 18mm marine plywood rudder and centerboard halves ready for assembly.


Kit does not include epoxy, fiberglass cloth, hardware, etc.


Kits can be picked up in Port Townsend, WA, or shipped domestically. Frieght will vary depending on location, so we will contct with a quote for payment. 

SCAMP Building Kit + Foils

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